08 April 2009



Jennifer Lai
Press Director
Mighty Mic Human Rights Awareness Concert

Announcing the Official Artist Lineup for

Benefit for Burma
April 21, 2009
6:00 - 10:00 PM
Doors open at 5:45

Los Angeles, CA (April 7, 2009) – On Tuesday, April 21, thousands of
students and community members will come together to make history at
the 3rd Annual Mighty Mic Human Rights Awareness Concert at UCLA,
Benefit for Burma. This student-run non-profit concert attracts about
2,000 attendees annually and is fast becoming a beloved UCLA
tradition. Last year, Mighty Mic raised over $20,000 for the refugees
of the genocide in Darfur. This year, Mighty Mic will highlight the
struggle for human rights in Burma, a country that has been under the
rule of an all-oppressive military junta for 43 years, making it the
4th least free country in the world. Learn more about the human rights
violations, including the abuse of ethnic minorities, mass rape of
women, forced labor, mandatory relocations, and child soldiers.
Benefit For Burma 2009's multi-media showcase will feature an eclectic
mix of artists from many genres such as rock, indie, and hip-hop, as
well as relevant educational content in the form of speakers and
videos which will entertain, inform, and inspire attendees.


Daphne Loves Derby
Audible Mainframe
Jarell Perry
Brandon Contreras


Edith Mirante
Min Zin
Khin Omar
The All-Burma Monks Alliance
(Pyinya Zawta, Gawasita, Agga Nya)

The concert will also include an on-site art gallery, interactive
educational activities, and booth space for non-profits, sponsors, and
student-organizations. Although the concert is free, donations are
highly encouraged as all proceeds will go towards Doctors Without
Borders, USA, and US Campaign for Burma. For more information,
ticketing, press passes, vendor and sponsorship opportunities visit

06 April 2009

Invitation for commemoration of the Sayadaw U Kovida

သာသနာ့ဥေသွ်ာင္ အျပည္ျပည္ဆုိင္ရာ ျမန္မာရဟန္းေတာ္မ်ားအဖြဲ႕ခ်ဳပ္

84-32, Apt#2A,GRAND AVE,ELMHURST NY 11373, U.S.A. Tel & Fx: (718) 426-3959

Invitation for commemoration of the Sayadaw U Kovida

Venerable U Kovida, founder of the International Burmese Monks Organization (IBMO), has passed away on April 29, 2008. Sayadaw U Kovida is well-known Buddhist scholar monk, not only in lecturing hundreds of monks for a half century in Mandalay but also in safeguarding Buddhism, which itself is at stake in Burma.


Sayadaw had indeed done a great service to the cause of the monastic life reminds us to perform extraordinary acts of compassionate service committing to the suffering humanity. Spirit and courage of Sayadaw U Kovida inspired us to follow his footsteps for future worthy of our pledge and sacrifice to accomplish his long desired mission we are in, to bind up nation's demand, to make the promise of Sayadaw come true.


Sayadaw left a legacy behind meaningfully---will be living memory in the heart of the Burmese monks and followers around the world. We cordially invite you all to join us in honor of his illustrious life of an anniversary of the commemoration ceremony to be held by the International Burmese Monks Organization (IBMO) with the following program.

Program:                                                                                                            Times:
Offering food to the Sangha and lunch followed by the devotees            11: 00 am

Prayer to the Buddha                                                                                     1 : 00 pm

Five precepts                                                                                                   1 : 10 pm

Speeches in memory of late Sayadaw U Kovida                                         2 : 10 pm

Dhamma talks                                                                                                 2 : 40 pm

Blessings & sharing merits for all beings                                                     3 : 00 pm

Date:   April 26, 2009 Sunday

Time:   9: am To 4: pm

Place:   84-32 Apt -2A Grand Ave, Elmhurst NY 11373

Train No: R-G-V Grand Ave, New Town Station


Contact: IBMO Office Tell: (718 ) 426 3959

Ashin Cando bhasacara

Secretary (IBMO)

Cell (716) 512 2801

April 2 2009



သာသနာ့ဥေသွ်ာင္ အျပည္ျပည္ဆိုင္ရာ ျမန္မာရဟန္းေတာ္မ်ား အဖြဲ႔ခ်ဳပ္


ပဓာနာေစရ မစုိးရိမ္ဆရာေတာ္ႀကီး

ဘ၀နတ္ထံပ်ံလြန္ေတာ္မူျခင္းႏွစ္လည္ကုသိုလ္ျပဳပြဲ အခမ္းအနား၊

သာသနာ့ဥေသွ်ာင္ ညီမူရာခန္းမ ၁ ႏွစ္ျပည့္မဂၤလာအခမ္းအနား ႏွင့္

ႏွစ္သစ္မဂၤလာ ဆုေတာင္းပြဲ ဖိတ္ၾကားလႊာ


သာသနာ့ဥေသွ်ာင္ အျပည္ျပည္ဆုိင္ရာ ျမန္မာရဟန္းေတာ္မ်ားအဖြဲ႕ခ်ဳပ္၏ ပဓာနာေစရ မစုိးရိမ္ ဆရာေတာ္ႀကီးသည္ ၂၀၀ဂ-ခုႏွစ္ ဧၿပီလ (၂၇) ရက္ေန႕ ေနလယ္(၂)နာရီအခ်ိန္တြင္ သာသနာ့ဥေသွ်ာင္ ညီမူရာခန္းမကုိ ဖြင့္လွစ္ေပးေတာ္မူခဲ့၍ သာသနာ့ဥေသွ်ာင္ ပ႒ာန္း၀တ္ရြတ္ အသင္းကုိလည္း တည္ေထာင္ဖြဲ႕စည္းေပးေတာ္မူခဲ့ပါသည္၊၊

ယင္းသို႔ ဖြင့္လွစ္တည္ေထာင္ေပး ေတာ္မႈခဲ့ၿပီးေနာက္ ၂- ရက္ေျမာက္ျဖစ္သည့္၂၀၀ဂ-ခုႏွစ္ ဧၿပီလ (၂၉)ရက္ေန႕လယ္ (၁) နာရီ (၇)မိနစ္ အခ်ိန္တြင္ ဘ၀နတ္ထံ ပ်ံလြန္ေတာ္မူခဲ့သည္ျဖစ္ရာ ယခုအခါ တႏွစ္ျပည့္ေျမာက္ခဲ့ပါၿပီ။

ဆရာေတာ္ႀကီး၏ သီလဂုဏ္၊သမာဓိဂုဏ္၊ ပညာဂုဏ္တို႔သည္ သာသနာ့သမုိင္းတစ္ေလွ်ာက္တြင္ မေမ့ႏုိင္စရာပင္ ျဖစ္ပါသည္။ သာသနာေတာ္ကုိ ထိပါးလာလွ်င္ ကိုယ့္အသက္ကုိပင္မငဲ့ဘဲ သာသနာ့အႏၱရာယ္ ကာကြယ္ႏိုင္ရန္ သာသနာ့ဥေသွ်ာင္ဟူသည့္ အမည္ကုိ ကိုယ္တိုင္ေရြးခ်ယ္ေတာ္မူ၍ ပီနန္ဆရာေတာ္ႀကီးႏွင့္အတူ ဦးေဆာင္ဦးရြက္ျပဳကာ တည္ေထာင္ေပးသြားခဲ့ပါသည္၊၊

ဆရာေတာ္ႀကီး ဘ၀နတ္ထံပ်ံလြန္းျခင္းသည္ သာသနာေတာ္ႏွင့္ တုိင္းျပည္အတြက္ ႀကီးမားေသာ ဆုံးရွဴံးမႈျဖစ္ပါသည္။ သို႔အတြက္ က်န္ရစ္ခဲ့သည့္ တပည့္သံဃာေတာ္မ်ားႏွင့္ ဒါယကာ၊ ဒါယိကာမမ်ားအားလုံးက ဆရာေတာ္ႀကီးအား ဂုဏ္ျပဳပူေဇာ္ေသာအားျဖင့္ ႏွစ္သစ္ကူးသည့္ ယခုခ်ိန္တြင္ ဆရာေတာ္ဘုရားႀကီးအတြက္ ႏွစ္လည္ ဆုေတာင္း အမွ်ေ၀ျခင္းမဂၤလာ၊ ဆရာေတာ္ ဖြင့္လွစ္တည္ေထာင္ခဲ့ေသာ သာသနာ့ဥေသွ်ာင္ ညီမူရာခန္းမ ဖြင့္ပြဲ ၁ ႏွစ္ျပည့္ မဂၤလာ၊ ဆရာေတာ္ႀကီးႏွင့္အတူ တုိင္းျပည္အတြက္ အသက္ေပး ခဲ့ေသာ ရဟန္း၊ရွင္၊လူ၊ ေက်ာင္းသား ျပည္သူမ်ားႏွင့္  ျမန္မာႏုိင္ငံသူ ႏုိင္ငံသားမ်ား ေဘးဒုကၡအေပါင္းမွ ကင္းေ၀းေစရန္္ ႏွစ္သစ္ကူး ဆုေတာင္းပြဲမဂၤလာတို႔ ကို စုေပါင္း၍ တစ္ၿပိဳင္တည္း ျပဳလုပ္ပါမည္၊၊

ထို႔ေၾကာင့္ ဆရာေတာ္ႀကီး၏ တပည့္ သံဃာေတာ္မ်ား, ဒါယကာ၊ ဒါယိကာမမ်ား,  ျမန္မာႏုိင္ငံသူ ႏုိင္ငံသားမ်ားအားလုံး, ျမန္မာျပည္ ဆင္းရဲဒုကၡအေပါင္းမွ လြတ္ေျမာက္ရန္ လုပ္ေဆာင္ေနၾကေသာ အဖြဲ႕အစည္း အသီးသီးႏွင့္ တုိင္းရင္းသား ညီကုိေမာင္ႏွမမ်ား အားလုံးတို႔အား ေအာက္ပါ အစီအစဥ္အတိုင္း ႂကြေရာက္ပါ၀င္ ကုသိုလ္ပြားမ်ားၾကပါရန္ ေလးစားစြာ ဖိတ္ၾကားအပ္ပါသည္၊၊


သာသနာ့ဥေသွ်ာင္ အျပည္ျပည္ဆိုင္ရာ ျမန္မာရဟန္းေတာ္မ်ား အဖြဲ႔ခ်ဳပ္




သာသနာ့ဥေသွ်ာင္ အျပည္ျပည္ဆိုင္ရာ ျမန္မာရဟန္းေတာ္မ်ား အဖြဲ႔ခ်ဳပ္

ပဓာနာေစရ မစုိးရိမ္ဆရာေတာ္ႀကီး

ဘ၀နတ္ထံပ်ံလြန္ေတာ္မူျခင္းႏွစ္လည္ကုသိုလ္ျပဳပြဲ အခမ္းအနား၊

သာသနာ့ဥေသွ်ာင္ ညီမူရာခန္းမ ၁ ႏွစ္ျပည့္မဂၤလာအခမ္းအနား ႏွင့္

ႏွစ္သစ္မဂၤလာ ဆုေတာင္းပြဲ အစီအစဥ္


ေန႔ရက္              ဧၿပီလ ၂၆ တနဂၤေႏြေန႔ (April 26, Sunday)

အခ်ိန္                နံနက္ ၉ နာရီ- ညေန ၄ နာရီ

ေနရာ                      84-32, Grand Avenue Apt 2A, Elmhurst, NY 11373

စီးရမည့္ ရထား           R-G-V, Grand Ave New Town Station

ဆက္သြယ္ရန္            ဆရာေတာ္ ဦး၀ိလာသ ( 917- 686- 1728) ဦးနာယက (347- 665- 5323)

ဦးအဂၢဓမၼ (336- 307- 9542) ဦးဣႏၵာစာရ (718- 426- 3959) ဦးေခမိႏၵ (516- 312 – 1720)  ေမာင္မိုးေထြး (917- 617- 7595)

ေကၽြးေမြးဧည့္ခံ            ၁။ ကိုစုတ္ဖြား မ၀င္းမာ မိသားစု            မုန္႔ဟင္းခါး

                             ၂။ ကိုျမင့္ေအာင္ မရီရီေမာ္ မိသားစု        ၾကက္သားအာလူး၊ ပဲညြန္႔သုပ္

                             ၃။ ဦးစြမ္းရည္ ေဒၚခင္ႏြဲ႔ၾကည္               ၀က္သား၊ ငါး၊ ငွက္ေပ်ာေပါင္း

                             ၄။ ကိုေဇာ္လတ္                              ၀က္သားႏွပ္

                             ၅။ ေဒၚသင္းသင္းေမာ္ မိသားစု             ပုဇြန္ခ်ဥ္သုပ္၊ ပဲဟင္းခ်ိဳ

                             ၆။ မဥမၼာ                                      အေအး

                             ၇။ ကိုေငြရွိန္ မျမတ္ျမတ္ယု                 ငါးပိသုပ္၊ တုိ႔စရာ

                             ၈။ ကိုေန မစႏၵီ၀င္း                           ဒိန္ခ်ဥ္

                             ၉။ ကိုစိုးပိုင္ မယဥ္ႏြယ္ေခ်ာ မိသားစု       ပုဇြန္ဟင္း၊ Bounty, Paper Napkins, Envelopes

                                ၁၀။ ေဒၚႏြယ္ႏြယ္ေအး မိသားစု         ခရမ္းခ်ဥ္သီး ငါးေျခာက္ႏွပ္    


**** မွတ္ခ်က္ ဆက္လက္ထြက္ေပၚလာမည့္ အလႉရွင္မ်ားကို ထပ္မံ ေဖၚျပပါမည္။ လႉဒါန္းလိုသည့္

ကုသိုလ္ရွင္မ်ား သာသနာ့ဥေသွ်ာင္အဖြဲ႔သို႔ ဆက္သြယ္လႉဒါန္းႏိုင္ပါသည္။



သာသနာ့ဥေသွ်ာင္ အျပည္ျပည္ဆိုင္ရာ ျမန္မာရဟန္းေတာ္မ်ား အဖြဲ႔ခ်ဳပ္။